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I named him Bruce after that hunky Wayne guy. In the bigening of the movie was filmed in down town but you have to see it. Great movie! Love Liu Haoran. 天王果然是天王!. Advance Tickets Detective Chinatown 3 2 hr 16 min R Advance Tickets The production studio made the decision to delay the release date for this movie. We don’t have a new release date to share at this time but please keep an eye on our website and app for updates. Please allow approximately 20 extra minutes for pre-show and trailers before the show starts. 2 hr 16 min R Movies at AMC.



唐探宇宙太牛逼了,定位太好了,案件嘛,形形色色的太多可以拍. Detective Chinatown Theatrical release poster Chinese 唐人街探案 Directed by Chen Sicheng Starring Wang Baoqiang Liu Haoran Tong Liya Chen He Music by Nathan Wang Production companies Heyi Pictures [1] MM2 Entertainment Quidam Studios WanDa Pictures Wuzhou Film Distribution Distributed by China Lion Film Distribution Golden Village Pictures MM2 Entertainment GEM Entertainment Wuzhou Film Distribution [1] Release date 31 December 2015 Running time 136 minutes [2] Country China Language Mandarin Budget US$15 million [3] Box office US$126 million [4] Detective Chinatown ( Chinese: 唐人街探案) is a 2015 Chinese comedy - mystery buddy film directed by Chen Sicheng and starring Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran. [5] It was released in China on 31 December 2015. [6] A sequel, titled Detective Chinatown 2, was released in February 2018. A third film in the series, titled Detective Chinatown 3, is due to be released in 2020. Plot [ edit] After being rejected from the police college, Qin Feng (Liu Haoran) goes to Bangkok for a vacation. He plans to spend time with his "uncle" Tang Ren (Wang Baoqiang) who is reputed to be the number one detective of Chinatown in Bangkok. Tang Ren turns out to be a sleazy petty swindler who happens to be an underling of local incompetent police sergeant Kon Tai (Xiao Yang). Meanwhile, the main suspect in a local gold robbery case, Sompat, is murdered and the gold goes missing. The gold belongs to prominent local gangster Mr. Yan ( Chin Shih-chieh). Kon Tai and his rival in the police department, the ambitious Huang Landeng (Chen He) are put into competition to solve the crime with the person who solves the crime and retrieves the gold to be appointed the next deputy Chief. Tang Ren becomes implicated as the main suspect in Sompat's murder as he is the last person to enter the premises where Sompat is murdered. He is sought by Sompat's cohorts who wish to locate the now lost gold. Tang is also sought by Mr. Yan's gang and the local police as he is supposedly the only person who knows where the gold is. Tang seeks Qin's help who turns out to be a prodigy in solving crimes from the knowledge Qin garnered as a mystery novel lover. As they follow leads to find Sompat's actual killer, they come across Snow (Zhang Zifeng) whose father appears to have the most motive to kill Sompat. After a few false leads, Qin is eventually able to recover the gold and exonerate Tang. Cast [ edit] Wang Baoqiang [6] as Tang Ren ( Chinese: 唐仁) Qin's Uncle, a swindler who lives in Bangkok and claiming to be the first detective of Chinatown. Tang accepted an anonymous delivery job before Qin arrived and became the last person entered Sompat's murder scene. Therefore, both police and the robbers consider him as the one who murdered Sompat and left with the gold. Liu Haoran [6] as Qin Feng ( Chinese: 秦风) Tang's nephew, a talented teenager who has astonishing perception and memory yet was rejected from the police college for an untold reason. He went to Bangkok for a vacation, then gets involved in Sompat's case by accident. Tong Liya [6] as Xiang ( Chinese: 阿香) Tang's Love interest and his landlady. Chen He [6] as Huang Landeng ( Chinese: 黄兰登) Kon Tai's rival in the police department. He is ambitious and eager to solve Sompat's murder case. Xiao Yang [6] as Kon Tai ( Chinese: 坤泰) A police sergeant of Chinatown police department. He is Tang's close friend and rival to sergeant Huang. Xiaoshenyang [6] as Bei Ge ( Chinese: 北哥) Pan Yueming [6] as Lee ( Chinese: 李) Marc Ma [6] as Tony ( Chinese: 托尼) Huang's deputy. Zhang Zifeng [6] as Snow ( Chinese: 斯诺) Zhao Yingjun [6] as Vietnamese ( Chinese: 越南仔) Reception [ edit] The film grossed US$4. 43 million in previews at the Chinese box office. [7] It was the ninth grossing film in China in 2015 grossing $126 million. Sequel [ edit] A sequel, Detective Chinatown 2, also written and directed by Chen Sicheng and set in New York City 's Chinatown, was released on February 16 2018 during the Chinese New Year holiday season. In addition of the two leads of Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran reprising their roles, new supporting cast members in Detective Chinatown 2 include Xiao Yang, Michael Pitt, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Yuen Wah, and Satoshi Tsumabuki. [8] Another sequel is scheduled to be released in 2020. Nomination [ edit] Beijing Student Film Festival 2016 -- Best Screen Play-- Sicheng Chen -- Nominee Best Director-- Sicheng Chen China Film Director's Guild Awards 2016 -- Nominee Best Young Director -- Sicheng Chen Chinese Film Media Awards 2016 -- Favorite Film -- Sicheng Chen -- Nominee -- Favorite Performance--Haoran Liu -- Nominee -- Favorite Actor--Haoran Liu Golden Horse Film Festival 2016 --Best Makeup & Costume Design--Stanley Cheung --Best Action Choreography--Gang Wu --Nominee--Best Cinematography--Jie Du --Nominee--Best Art Direction--Miao Li --Nominee--Best Original Film Song-- "Sawadika" References [ edit] External links [ edit] Detective Chinatown on IMDb Detective Chinatown at Rotten Tomatoes.

华仔真是最帅的男人,永远奋斗!没听歌,光看到华仔阳光的样子,就暖心了!还好我泪点不是太低. A sian cinema’s wackiest buddy-comedy action franchise is now at the threequel stage and after a period of bewilderment I’ve begun to enjoy its eccentric hyperactivity. The two zany Chinese cops, Qin Feng (Haoran Liu) and Tang Ren (Baoqiang Wang), have already clocked up some misadventures in Bangkok for the first film and New York for the second (which featured a peculiar cameo from Michael Pitt); now the daffy duo rock up in Tokyo, where they have been summoned to tackle a bizarre crime. A local gang boss has been murdered, apparently by a turf rival called Watanabe (Miura Tomokazu) over dinner, but this man insists he’s innocent and demands our heroes find the evidence that will acquit him. The rest of the film is one bonkers digression after another, concerning some strange criminal conspiracies and the shadowy motivations of the victim’s assistant Anna Kobayashi (Masami Nagasawa). The Thai action star Tony Jaa makes an appearance for some enjoyable martial arts sequences, and there’s a small role for the veteran Japanese player Tadanobu Asano – who appeared in Takashi Miike’s cult shocker Ichi the Killer – as a police detective. You can’t fault this film for its ambition and its willingness to pull out all the stops in terms of spectacle, especially during a colossal slapstick fight scene at Tokyo airport and zany chaos at Tokyo’s world-famous Shibuya crossing. Bizarrely, after all the knockabout absurdity, the movie climaxes with a melodramatic court scene involving a passionate speech and a sentimental flashback to the culprit’s unhappy childhood. We get a diverting moment when the “locked room” detective-story theories of mystery author John Dickson Carr are given an airing. There’s a puppyish charm here. The release of Detective Chinatown 3 has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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YouTube. The original AO was tibetan. Sadly to get access to the Chinese market Marvel changed that. Brother they revealed the story in trailer, technically the had spoiled the film. Watching the trailer for 50th time😍, love the 80's theme as well as the music, really cool ❤️.


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